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Wind City Sweets & Treats Casper, Wyoming

We are an exclusive made-to-order gourmet bakery

Bakery hours are Monday through Saturday from 8:00 to 5:00 CLOSED Sunday

After hours delivery available

We DO NOT ship any items from the bakery

Maple Pecan Rolls
from 16.00

We'll deliver a delicious surprise sweet to your home or office weekly or bi-weekly.  Pick your own budget and we'll deliver for FREE

holy amazing!!! My little girl wanted an american ninja warrior theme for her birthday and honestly I had no clue what or where to even begin with that. Lisa, however, came up with a super awesome and amazing concept that just wowed everyone. I have never been so platonically in love with a bakery before.
— Alyssa Walker

Now delivering to Douglas every other Tuesday.

Next delivery day is May 21st


Join the Club

Join the Club

I have ordered cupcakes (regular and gluten free) for my work many times and they are amazing! It is very handy to order treats and have them delivered. We have also purchased a big cupcake and the unicorn cake (both gluten free) and they were wonderful. People didn’t even know they were gluten free. Thank you ladies!
— Sarah Rowland

Proud Produce with Wyoming’s Online Farmer’s Market

Proud Produce with Wyoming’s Online Farmer’s Market