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Fall Wedding Special

FREE Delivery and Set-up

     I believe weddings should not only be beautiful but also affordable. That's why I created our Wedding Cupcake Packages. Wind City Sweets & Treats offers customized packages that easily feed from 50 to 300 people. You may choose from all cupcakes packages or others created that include our delicious Greek pastries. 

Wedding Packages

Wedding Package 1 ( 50 people )  

36 Cupcakes, 24 Mini Cupcakes,

 Delivery & set-up

 $175 plus tax

Wedding Package 2 ( 100 people )

60 Cupcakes, 60 Mini Cupcakes,

Delivery & set-up

$275 plus tax

Wedding Package 3 ( 150 people )

72 Cupcakes , 60 Mini Cupcakes,

36 pcs Baklava,

Delivery & set-up

$400 plus tax

Wedding Package 4 ( 200 people )

132 Cupcakes, 84 Mini Cupcakes,

 Delivery & set-up

$450 plus tax

Wedding Package 5 ( 200 people )

60 Cupcakes, 60 Mini Cupcakes,

48 pcs Baklava, 60 Kourambiedes,

 Delivery &set-up

$550 plus tax

Wedding Package 6 ( 300 people )

192 Cupcakes, 120 Mini Cupcakes,

 Delivery & set-up

$600 plus tax

* Custom Display Stands are also available for an additional rental fee *

* Additional cupcakes or Greek pastries may be added to any package for an additional fee *

We chose cupcakes for our wedding because it was easier to serve and we had more than one option of flavor!! They made us a “BIG” cupcake for the cutting of the cake and then we took the rest home and froze it. They offered us tiny cupcakes so that people could try more than one flavor. I heard nothing but rave reviews from all of our guests and I personally tried every flavor and LOVED them all. They set up everything and it looked great and even boxed up the left overs for us!! I would recommend them to anybody!!
— Jessica- married 8/5/2017

Giant Cupcake (feeds 4-6) for $50.00

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